Monday, 15 February 2010

my weekend

I tasted red oranges for the first time and made a lovely red juice of them, which I photographed with film.

I'm very happy with the bunting I bought from Janne. The combination of colors and patterns are just perfect.

The sun was shining on the ranunculus and made the livingroom feel nice and warm.

Hanne came over for chocolate cupcakes and girly talk. We shot film and exchanged books.

Saturday breakfast with sun and a guest was followed by a drink at Ulriken (where I shot film).

10 friends, two babies and one dog gathered for an Italian feast at our place.

The hosts went to sleep on the sofa at 4 am.

Sunday breakfast with our house guests from Stavanger/Sandnes; four grown ups and their two babies. Two more grown ups and their two kids also visited, and breakfast lasted until 4 pm.

Sølve bought me these beautiful tulips. I normally prefer one-colored bouquets, but this mix makes me happy.

I hope you had a good weekend too.

Btw, I got another (redesigned) creative blogger award, this time from the lovely Jeanette of Fryd + Design. Tusen takk! I'm not going to share more things about myself this time since I just did it ;-) but I want to forward the award to my friend stjerneglass. Hopefully she will share seven things about herself.


  1. I had red oranges here in Italy for the first time a few weeks ago, since I have become heavily addicted. They are delicious.

  2. sounds like you had the most wonderful weekend. meals with friends are just the best.

    and i love your colourful tulip bouquet in that aalto vase!

  3. What a happy weekend! (and long:)
    I love the picture with the blue chair :)
    And, Astrid, I admire you - 10 + 2 guests. Wow! I never have received guests more than 5.

  4. ååå, for ei nydelig helg!

    Og så gode bilder, nyt å sjå innom deg.

    Skyene ligg låg i Hardanger,

  5. Love your overhead table shots. They are so pretty.



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