Friday, 26 February 2010

longing for Italia

While working on another small article about Rome today, I found a few film shots (taken with one of my favorite films, Kodak Portra 160vc) that I have not posted to Flickr. I had almost forgotten about them. This shot was taken in a cozy little bar in the even cozier village of Santa Fiora in Tuscany.

It's been too long since I was in Italy, I really want to go back soon. Hm, well, when I think about it, it's not been that long... I was in Parma in May last year, so I should not complain ;-) Btw, if you have not already seen it, you can read my article (in Norwegian) from Parma here. It was published in one of the local newspapers, BA, in June last year.

The article I wrote today is based on my visit to Rome in October 2008, mentioned in this post. The trip was organized by the lovely Charlotte of Jomfrureiser and Marianne of Taste Tours. You can see all my photos from this trip in this set on Flickr.

We are starting the weekend with homemade pizza tonight. Happy Friday!


  1. hee, that's funny. before reading this i just had a campari and it reminded me of sicily and made me want to go back to italian soil. (and we're having pizza tonight too :)

  2. The coloration in that photograph is really lovely, almost reminds me of one of William Eggleston's shots.


  3. I adore Italy!
    Last Summer I have been in Sicilia. I really want to go back soon, too. But our travelling plans for this year are different. Well, next year I promise myself to visit again my favorite, lovable, bella Italia.



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