Wednesday, 17 February 2010


I almost fooled myself into starting a new 365/a photo a day project this year, probably because I'm so inspired by seeing photos and reading small stories about other people's everyday lives. I'm especially inspired by this wonderful blog called habit. I love it!

I think I'll start sharing more everyday stories again, starting with a few shots and words from this week:

Monday: I stayed home all day. The tulips made me happy.

Tuesday: He asked for coffee in bed and I gave it to him.

Wednesday: I'm really happy that it's no longer pitch dark when I eat breakfast.

Btw, I have closed my 366/a photo a day set on Flickr, but you can still see all the photos from this 2008 project in the book preview at Blurb.

my everyday life 2010

PS: We have a new evening habit in our home: Californication. Me like!


  1. oh, i love californication! it's such a good looking show, isn't it?

  2. loving the sharing! and the tulips. and coffee in bed!

  3. ooh we haven't watched californication and need another good series to get stuck into. i'll give it a look up!

  4. Herlig blogg du har :) Tulipanene var nydelige!!

    Ha en fin kveld!

    Klem Johanna

  5. Jeg elsker everyday life bildene dine! :)

  6. Oh, looks nice!

    I restarted my 365days project this November, my previous attempt failed at day 61... this time around I'm now at day 105 and still going strong!

  7. I am so found of habit too!!!
    And I love Californication.

    I am going to Flickr to see your 366/ a photo a day project!

  8. Yee! That`s a great idea, Astrid!
    I love your everyday photo-stories.



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