Saturday, 13 February 2010

February 13, 2005-2010

2005: tired me photographed by Sølve

2006: weekend breakfast at home

2007: very, very tired after working too late last night, but happy to be in my new office (caption written on Flickr)

2008: Tomorrow I will give it another try, not to work 12 hours. I ate too much cake. I'm going to start using my tripod more. I'm very inspired by miss Jördis's great self portraits. The home cinema had Easy Rider on tonight. I have never posted a bw photo before. It's 11:40 pm. Thank you and good night. (Caption written on Flickr.)

2009: On my way home from the office I met the polar bear woman. (Caption written on Flickr.)

2010: I found a nice spot for the bunting made by Janne of What's blogging my view.

January 13, 2006-2010 | original idea by Sandra

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