Sunday, 21 February 2010

everyday life

Thursday February 18: While Sølve was in a web conference in the livingroom, I had breakfast and coffee in the bedroom.

Friday February 19: After visitors and cupcakes, I saw the sun set on the snow covered mountains from my seat at the plane. Evening with grandparents is relaxing.

Saturday February 20: They have had their regular seats for years; him to the left, her to the right.

Sunday February 21: When you are nearly 90 years old, napping after breakfast is ok.

my everyday life 2010


  1. great post! the blanket on your bed, under the coffee cup, is soo gorgeous, what incredible color!


  2. What a beautiful post - I can almost hear you talking and a clock ticking in the background maybe! I love this series of photos. I was admiring them on flickr. My favorite is the ones of your grandparents sitting in their chairs - you don't see them but you can imagine them :)



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