Sunday, 28 February 2010

the dinner project, week 8

Monday February 22: Astrid's home alone dinner: homemade spicy tomato and root vegetables stew with beef, recipe blogged here

Tuesday February 23: Astrid's home alone dinner: leftovers from Monday

Wednesday February 24: chicken pasta salad (photo here)

Thursday February 25: creamy cod, adapted from this (photo above)

Friday February 26: homemade pizza

Saturday February 27: Dinner with family. First course: scallops wrapped in serrano ham with asparagus purée. Main course: lamb shanks (photo here) with bolied potatoes, asparagus and sauce. Dessert: chocolate cake

Sunday February 28: homemade pizza


  1. The photo on the top is an absolute temptation for my tummy at this moment. Why I could not resist not to read the whole posting?!
    Now I`m gonna eat my lunch. At 10:36 am.

  2. Så flink du er. Inspirerende! Noen ganger spiser jeg bare ristabrød og omelett. Jeg tror det blir litt for ofte.



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