Tuesday, 9 February 2010

a costal roadtrip

A while ago I stumbled across this photobook by Norwegian photographer and writer Maria Lundberg. The book is called Kystriksveien - en reise gjennom øyeblikk, which translates to "the costal national road - a journey through moments".

The book is a truly beautiful photographic roadtrip through parts of northern Norway (map here). I fell in love with it the minute I saw it. I have never traveled this road myself, but I have traveled a lot in Norway in general. Maria has really captured the essence of roadtriping in Norway through her lens. Now I want to pack our car and hit the road, take photos and then make a beautiful Blurb book.

The book was published by Kom Forlag in 2006 and you can buy the book here. It seems like they ship abroad too, but there is no information about it in English. You might want to contact them directly if you don't live in Norway and want to buy this book.

I have uploaded more photos from the book to this set on Flickr.

Talking about roadtriping in Norway; I'm curious about this book E6 - En reise gjennom nordmenns liv (E6 a journey through Norwegians' lifes). Have any of you (Norwegians) seen/read this book?

This also reminds me of Rune Johansen's excellent work and photobooks.


  1. Damn, now I want to pack our car, too, and travel all over Norway. Well, actually all over Scandinavia.

  2. oh what a gorgeous book! so happy and bright...

  3. Maria Lundberg maria@marialundberg.com8 July 2016 at 12:47

    Thank you so much for this great review of my book, and for the beautiful illustration uploads! It really makes a nice presentation of the book. In this very moment I am actually travelling the road again, ten years after the book was launched. Much has changed along the way during these years, but the journey still is just as beautiful as it was back then. Maybe there should be a second edition :-) Maria Lundberg



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