Friday, 22 January 2010

the winter office walk

It makes me really happy to see ski tracks along the lake on my way to the office.

Some of you already know this, but some don't; Bergen is situated on the west coast of Norway and we have typical coastal climate here, which means winters are normally wet and grey. Now we have had real winter - with lots of snow and (Celcius) degrees below zero - for over a month. It's wonderful!

These shots were taken ca a couple of weeks ago with a cheap, expired (01/2002) Imitation hp200 film.

My winter set on Flickr.


  1. It`s beautiful, Astrid!
    I have thought that every place in Norway is frosty and snowy in the Winter.
    Well, I know the truth already :)

  2. That third photo is amazing!

  3. Ja, vinteren i år har jo vært helt historisk :)

  4. this is so beautiful. my morning walk isn't that stunning :)



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