Monday, 4 January 2010

mandag 4. januar 2010

Monday January the 4th 2010. The first workday of the new year. At least for me. I have a good feeling about this work year. I know it will be better than last year. Also, today I finished a film - Fuji pro 160C. All you film shooters out there know the excitement about getting film back from the lab, right?

These three photos were taken today, ca 9-10 am. The top one is taken out our livingroom window, the middle one is from our walk to the office, and the last one is the city centre of Bergen - the last shot on the film.

Oh! Btw, we had a really yummy dinner tonight; beef sirlion fried (in the new Le Creuset grill pan that Sølve loves) in fresh rosemary and a little bit of butter, roasted potato wedges (with olive oil, salt and pepper) and (my) homemade aioli. Mmm... Now we are watching The Hangover. Hihi. Funny.

I hope you had a decent start to the week too.


  1. Happy new year Astrid & Sølve! I hope you have a great 2010 and nevermind the financiar crysis - after all, it's only about money, right? And who needs money when we got friends like you who enjoy cooking and taking wonderful pictures and living in good looking (but chilly, i presume...) city like Bergen?

  2. happy new year, astrid!

    so happy to see these snowy photos of bergen... oh how beautiful it looks.

    your dinner sounds pretty tasty too.

    here's to a bright and cheery new year xx

  3. that's a pretty good monday, i'd say. happy new year!

    (i especially love the first photo)

  4. Happy New Year!
    Been reading you and watching your beautiful pictures of Bergen and Norway for a couple of months... made me very impatient to visit my friend who moved there last year: next week!

    (Sophie from Belgium)

  5. godt nyttår :D

    du har ikke oppskrift på aiolien du lager? :D har prøvd en før, men var ikke helt fornøyd med hvordan den ble, hehe :)



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