Sunday, 31 January 2010

the dinner project, week 4

Monday January 25: Sunday leftovers; red wine sauce based beef stew with Jerusalem artichoke and other root vegetables (photo above)

Tuesday January 26: spaghetti with canned Portuguese tuna (a souvenir from my trip to Portugal in September last year), avocado, tomatoes, spring onion, grated parmesan, the juice of half a lemon and fresh ground pepper.

Wednesday January 27: pancakes with bacon, sausage and cheese

Thursday January 28: stir fry with sirloin of pork

Friday January 29: fresh scrimp with white bread, mayonnaise, lemon and a Petit Chablis

Saturday January 30: Dinner at friends'. First course: scallops on a thin slice of pan fried toast with purée of peas and caviar (photo here). Main course: lamb with roasted vegetables and pesto (photo here). Dessert: dark chocolate cake with raspberry sorbet and vanilla ice cream (photo here).

Sunday January 31: mac and cheese with sausage and canned mushrooms


  1. Oooh! that stew looks lovely and now I am craving stew. Have not made stew for a long time so I am definitely due.

  2. This project is brilliant; it's also giving me lots of ideas for dinners! Thanks, Astrid!



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