Sunday, 17 January 2010

the dinner project, week 2

Monday January 11: Pre-marinated sirlion of pork (a Kiwi Go'helg product), soaked in pineapple juice, pan fried. Served with pan grilled corn cobs, roasted onions and canned pineapple.

Tuesday January 12: Pasta salad (photo above) made of whole grain pasta with pesto, roasted chicken, a little bit of salami (it adds such great flavor), a little bit of leftover canned ham, ruccola, cherry tomatoes, red onion and snow peas.

Wednesday January 13: Thai-style chicken soup with lime (a tips from Charlotte)

Thursday January 14: homemade pizza

Friday January 15: salmon sashimi with Veuve Clicquot + fresh scrimps with white bread, mayonnaise, lemon and Bopparder Hamm Feuerlay riesling spätlese trocken 2008

Saturday January 16: pan grilled scallops with cognac orange sauce + scrimp risotto with pan fried cod

Sunday January 17: risotto and cod leftovers with homemade potato and carrot fries (made like in this video)


  1. The Thai chicken soup...if I am correct, this sounds like Tom Kha? This is a soup I cannot stop incredibly delicious...try a good recipe for Tom Kha soup if you enjoy the lime/coconut combination!

    Haley Wulfman

  2. Jeg bare elsker middagsprosjektet ditt! Ser vår ukemeny trenger en oppfrisking, jah...

  3. I wish you could cook for me! lol



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