Sunday, 10 January 2010

the dinner project 2010

I think I'm ready to commit to a new daily project. It's not a photo project like my last daily project. This time I'm going to write down every day what we have for dinner, and once a week I'll give you the week's menu here on the blog. There might be some photos as well, but not every day.

Here we go:

week 53

Friday January 1: frozen pizza

Saturday January 2: Dinner at our friends place. First course: lobster in cognac orange sauce with asparagus and Champagne (to drink). Main course: lamb inspired by this recipe (I don't know the English word for this part of the lamb - do you?) with potato gratin, pan fried pears and hazelnut sauce.

Sunday January 3: home made vegetable soup with sausage

week 1

Monday January 4: Beef sirlion fried in fresh rosemary and a little bit of butter, roasted potato wedges (with olive oil, salt and pepper) and homemade aioli (photo above). I have been asked for my aioli recipe - I'll give it to you soon :-)

Tuesday January 5: The same as Monday. It was so good!

Wednesday January 6: Roasted filet mignon of pork covered in pesto and bacon + homemade mashed potatoes with a bit of finely chopped red onion and cream.

Thursday January 7: Pizza at restaurant Spesial in Bergen.

Friday January 8: homemade lasagne

Saturday January 9: lasagne leftovers with a green salad and homemade focaccia bread

Sunday January 10: pizza take out from Dolly


  1. very fun project ! yummy also !

  2. i think this is a faboulus idea.
    and i bet i will be very hungry all the time.

    i wanna have dinner with you guys!

  3. Skal sei, Astrid! Jeg får vann i munnen :-D
    Her har det vært fiskeboller i hjemmelaget hvit saus i dag - en av mine spesialiteter - ha, ha!

    Gleder meg til å se hva du finner på til middag hver uke - jeg trenger litt inspirasjon. Matlysten er så som så :-)

  4. Just great!
    Just perfect!
    Just... Just I love your idea, Astrid.
    I`m sure, I`ll find very yummy postings here :)

  5. gleder meg til oppskrift :D og så kjekt med middags prosjekt, jeg sliter sånn med å lage middag! kjekt med litt tips :D



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