Friday, 15 January 2010

another library wall

All I can think of these days is our livingroom library project. Thank you all so much for your comments and suggestions. I really appreciate it! I know by now that we are going to do something (Sølve agrees), but I'm not quite sure yet what we are going to do. I have some good ideas though.

Above is another library wall. I don't think I would like this style in my own home. It somehow feels a little too cluttered, but it's still good looking and inspiring.

Photo by Ben Anders for this article in Dwell magazine.


  1. Hi! On your library issue: as I can see you have two sitting areas, one by the fire and another one by the stereo. I suggest you declutter from books the area by the fire (this is the area you probably use more when there is people coming over + the smoke frome the fire gets the books very dirty —my experience tells me). So, keeping it under a small budget I would go for Billy (all 40 cm wide, they look much better, plus the shelves are less likely to bend from heavy weight books) and I would do an L shape library on the stereo wall and the the adjacent wall. You can even put one of your low units on the large wall opposite the windows as the L shape reaches the sofa.
    It is only an idea, but I don't know if the long white wall opposite the windows can hold any shelf.
    All: books, magazines and stereo can go in the Billy, can't they?

  2. gleder meg til å se hva dere finner på :) er vel greit at sånne store prosjekter får litt betenkningstid sånn at man ikke gjør forhastede greier :D

  3. I like the craziness of it. It could overpower a room though.



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