Sunday, 20 December 2009

tree time

Did you get your Christmas tree yet? We did.

The top photo is mine, and here are the links to the other Flickr photos: 1. picking up the christmas tree, 2. 'Tis the season, 3. carry out., 4. tree farm

god jul


  1. tips for å finne det perfekte treet eller? merker at jeg har null forutsetninger for å gjøre akkurat det :) kos deg med pyntingen!!

  2. Nice photos, we were lucky to find the Christmas tree in our own forest... Merry Christmas!!!

  3. Merry xmas, have a relaxing one. No christmas tree for us this year, but the palmtrees look pretty nice when decorated ;)

  4. We're just setting up ours, we're a bit late but we're never home for Christmas and in any case, we still have "old Christmas" and it's on the 7th of January so there is plenty of time!



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