Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Sølve's fish soup

A little while ago I promised you the recipe of Sølve's fantastic 3 hours fish soup. I finally made him write it down, so here goes:

One of the greatest Michelin star chefs of all times, that I don’t know the name of, used philosophy and psychoanalysis when he was cooking. He was a great admirer of Freud. Personally I believe in cooking with love and of course a little bit (or a lot) of wine – most of it in the chef. Making this soup is about having fun with fish. Fish fun. Do as follows:

First go shopping for some great fresh fish and other seafoods. You can use more or less anything, but I always use mussels, fresh cooked prawns, wolfish salmon and king crab. Then of course you need a lot of vegetables; Celery, carrot, parsley, onion, garlic, shallots, bell pepper + a bottle of cheap dry white wine for the sauce.

Upon your return to the kitchen open the old, dry Riesling or other white wine of high quality you bought, and pour yourself a glass. Put on some great music, organize the groceries and collect your thoughts while you drink the first glass of wine.

Peel the prawns. Cover the peel with water and let it boil for 20 minutes. Drain the prawn stock and toss the peel. Now you have made prawn stock.

Ask your tall wife to take the Le Creuset down from the top of the high cupboard. Add a lump of butter in the Le Creuset. Add finely chopped onion and shallots and fry it lightly. Add the white wine and the different vegetables, in the “hardness” order; start with carrots, end with spring onion. This takes time, and your wine stock will be reduced when you finally add the spring onions. Add chili if you want. Use black pepper!

Add the prawn stock and cream. (If you don’t want to use cream, use a lot of lime and lime zest, and suddenly you are on your way to make an Asian soup, but you need lemongrass and stuff…)

Slowly fry bacon on low heat with butter. The bacon is to garnish the soup when serving.

Anyway; drink some more wine.

Now it’s time to add the mussels – and you are now 8 minutes away from serving. Stir the pot lightly a couple of times, and then put the lid on.

Sear the fish on one side with fresh ground black pepper in the bacon fat. When it is 3-5 min left of the mussel time, throw in the prawns and put the fish with the seared side up slightly into the fish soup. Put the lid back on, and voila! You are finished.


  1. this sounds so very good. i'll be giving it a go for sure!

    p.s. sølve should definitely write up more of his recipes. they are great as well as very funny!

  2. that sounds delicious and is very amusing to read:)! getting hungry for fish soup at 8am...

  3. "Ask your tall wife to take the Le Creuset down from the top of the high cupboard." This is the best part... :-) Sølve should definitely write more recipies...

  4. Now I'm hungry! I haven't eaten fish in much too long.



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