Thursday, 4 March 2010

the round one

If I were to chose all my chairs from one designer, I would chose the Danish master Hans Wegner. A long time ago I blogged this photo of his beautiful Wishbone chair. Today I'm showing you The Chair (1949) from Danish PP Møbler (photo by Rasmus Koch). I love the simple roundish shape of it.

"The Round One" as Wegner referred to it with his usual provincial modesty, is perhaps the most famous Danish piece of furniture of them all - which says a bit.

Already a year after the production of this chair startet, it was noticed by the American magazine for design and architecture, Interiors. This turned out to be the beginning of Danish design's great international breakthrough. Yet, Wegner remained rather unimpressed with his own creation "They could have made this hundreds of years ago - nothing new here"' he uttered at several occasions, referring to the basically very traditional construction.


  1. Jeg ELSKER Wagner sine stoler! De er ren perfeksjon. Jeg angrer veldig på at vi ikke ønsket oss de i bryllupsgave, om i så bare fikk 2...

  2. fantastic stool!!! want to have one...



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