Friday, 11 December 2009

my first home in Bergen

I mentioned in this post that I would dig out some old photos to show you the painted wooden walls in our previous apartments. It may be a little hard to see, but here they are. You can click on the images to see them bigger.

I moved to Bergen 10 years ago, in August 1999. My first home was a ca 60 m2 rented apartment in a bygård (I don't know the English expression for this kind of building) from ca 1890 in Dragesmauet (which translates to the dragon alley) in the city centre. The first year or so I shared it with my friend B, later B moved in with Sølve's flatmate/her boyfriend (now husband) and Sølve moved in with me.

My cousin used to own the building and he gave us permission to renovate the place. We did quite a bit during the four years I/we lived there - we lay new floors and tore down layers of old wallpapers, but mostly we painted (we never thouched the colorful kitchen though) and moved furniture around. Quite a lot of the furniture were things we borrowed from my cousin and his wife - the clay artist Helene Kortner. I still miss that green sofa and the matching chairs.

These photos are from 2003 (I think) before we moved to our first self-owned apartment (I have some photos from this place too that I will show you later). I took a whole roll of film (this was pre digital for me and I had not yet developed the habit of shooting things other than my friends and family at that time) from the apartment, and I'm really glad I did. This place is filled with so many memories from our first student years!

Check this set on Flickr to see a few more photos from this apartment.


  1. *trevegger, ja-et herlig fenomen! er ikke en trevegg i sikte i leiligheten vår, men jeg tror vi hadde funnet noen hvis vi hadde begynt å rive gipsveggene. for stort prosjekt akkurat nå, men kanskje på sikt;) leiligheten din så superkoselig ut-det er så fint å tenke tilbake på studietid og kollektiv/samboerskap med venner* leiligheten vår har fungert som kollektiv i mange år, og jeg tenker tilbake på den tiden med varmt hjerte* fin helg til deg, astrid*vigdis

  2. This Apartment looks very very nice! I love the photos. xo

  3. Your place was so cosy!
    As your present, actually :)

  4. Fine bilder! Jeg har også bodd i Dragesmuget.I kollektiv som ung og duggfrisk student;-)

  5. you've surely lived in some incredibly cute homes :)

  6. Oh wow, these are so marvelous. I love peeking in to others' homes! Thanks =)

  7. I love these photos and the mood you created in this place. It must be lovely to have this record of them!

  8. it looks so cosy... I love it :)



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