Monday, 14 December 2009

Jenifer shoots film

Why do you shoot film, Jenifer?

there are two reasons. tone and emotion.

the tones in film are still superior to those in the digital format. the depth and richness of color resembles a work of art on a level unmatched by it's digital counterpart.

and the emotion. the emotion that a film shot conveys - at least for me - is so much stronger. film, especially my preferred medium of polaroid, imparts a dream rather than a true, stark representation of reality. everything i was feeling the moment i pressed the shutter button - the awe of the way the light danced across the surface - the heart bursting joy of a certain expression that crosses my daughter's face - even the scent clinging to the air - the warmth of the day - all of those things seem to permanently adhere themselves onto a film image. so in the end, i not only have the photograph itself, i have in sense captured the emotion of the moment. for me that is a very, very powerful talisman.

You can see more of Jenifer's work on her website and her blog; Nectar & light.


  1. This is *so* beautiful. Thank you Jenifer, and Astrid. (And the film photograph confirms everything that is said about film)

  2. oh, just like her photogaphy, jen's writing is so dreamy.



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