Sunday, 6 December 2009

Jannicke's renovation

My ever smiling friend Jannicke (who helped me design our wedding invitations) is renovating her new apartment. The previous owner was an old man, and it is obvious that nothing has been done there in many years - which I think makes for a great photo opportunity. So when I visited Jannicke's apartment in the beginning of July, right before our honeymoon, I brought my analog camera which back then was loaded with Kodak elite chrome extra color 100 slide film. Jannicke's mom was also there when I visited, and Jannicke told me later that her mom was really fascinated by me taking photos of old light fixtures and ugly (?) wallpaper. Well, what are you gonna do? ;-)

By the way, check out Shari and Jen's new book; city:country. It looks absolutely beautiful! Also, check out habit - a lovely collaborative blog about daily life. Finally, you should also take a look at Abigail and Ryan's new homewares. Simply beautiful! More info here.

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