Saturday, 12 December 2009

Flickr galleries + holly

I have made some new Flickr galleries:

my home (in progress)
look down
floating (in progress)
balloon happiness
windows on white walls (in progress)
into the woods
in my hands

About the photos above: I have mentioned before that I'm not really into Christmas decorating in our home, but I have been thinking of getting some kind of Christmasy plants to decorate with - a poinsettia or amaryllis, or maybe just something like this.

Last Sunday I was out in the garden to get more fire wood from the shed, and our neighbour (we only talk during summer, because that's when we are in the garden and actually "meet") asked me if I would like some holly from their tree. Perfect! Just want I wanted. Thank you so much kind neighbour!

The vase (you English speaking folks; is that the right word for that thing?) was brought home from our honeymoon in Provence this summer.

Sølve's colleagues are coming over for the annual Christmas party tonight. We will be serving pinnekjøtt. Do you have any plans for this Saturday?

For more Christmas inspiration - mostly from our home and our parents homes - take a look in this set on Flickr.


  1. thanks for sharing your god jul pictures, they are so beautiful and inspiring!



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