Sunday, 22 November 2009

Yuwen shoots film

Why do you shoot film, Yuwen?

I shot with film for a long time, and switched to a DSLR about 2 years back. Oddly enough, I felt my love for photography wane - it just didn't feel the same. Didn't get the same sense of excitement and anticipation from getting the film back. Didn't look forward to the post-processing that inevitably had to be done. And because I'm too cheap to buy photoshop, the results were usually not so great anyway. I didn't even feel like uploading my photos, so that, along with my busy-ness in the last year or so, meant that it's been relatively quiet here.

On our honeymoon, dirt got into my DSLR lens, which was a killer. Luckily, I'd brought my film camera as well, and started shooting primarily with that (and a little digicam), and what a joy! It was relief to be carrying my old Minolta Dynax, thinking about each shot, and not being able to constantly look back at the review window. And then I got my film back, and was astounded by how different everything looked. Film seemed to capture the beautiful colours and the feeling of freedom and relaxation I had while I was in Greece with my new husband, in a way I'd not seen/felt in a long time.

You can see more of Yuwen's photos on Flickr.

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