Monday, 16 November 2009

that yellow

Mhy is designed by Norway Says for the Danish company Muuto. I like the simple shape and that yellow. Two or three of this would look great in our kitchen.

Norway Says on the design:
Mhy has an elegant appearance and a strong personality. The playful shape of Mhy draws inspiration from illustrations and characters from our childhood's literature. The neat size of Mhy allows the pendant to be mounted in clusters or rows over your kitchen table, dinner table, in a hallway or somewhere else where you would like to add a design element with unique, but understated character.


  1. Gult er definitivt kult! Du har sikkert sett den, men et alternativ til My er jo lampen Dokka som Birger Dahl tegnet i 1954, Jeg syns på mange måter at den har en bedre form. Heldigvis har Norwegain Ligting satt den i produksjon igjen.. Ikke i gult vel og merke. Ha en fin dag!

  2. What a great design!! Products like put a stamp on your whole interior.. it must be pretty expensive though..(please tell me I'm wrong ;))

  3. Den var verkligen just playful!

  4. De laver sådan nogle fede ting!! Og ja specielt den der lampe!

  5. Takk for tipset, Christin. Har sett Dokka på nettsiden til Northern Lighting. Den er flott, men jeg tror jeg liker Mhy bedre - nettopp pga gulfargen.

    Anna - I haven't checked the price yet, but I think it's affordable.



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