Monday, 30 November 2009

Sunday salmon

Sunday dinner was roasted Salma salmon (with olive oil, garlic, parsley, lemon, Maldon salt and fresh ground pepper) with blanched green asparagus and hollandaise sauce. As I mentioned in this post, we wanted to make hollandaise sauce from scratch for the first time. Unfortunately it was no success, but luckily Sølve had bought one that did the trick. It was a super delicious meal that I'm sure we'll make again (I LOVE salmon).


  1. oh, det så godt ut. kan se ut som vi må ha laks til middag snart :)

  2. I love salmon, too. This looks super delicious.

    When we make sushi I always buy Salma salmon. Unfortunately it's not always available...but well, I'm glad it is at all because it's not that easy to get some fresh sushi fish here...

  3. what a delicious meal, astrid. I love salmon as well. xo

  4. Oh goodness, me too... so. very. much...

    It's one of my favourite foods - but sadly, Ryan doesn't like it much so it's usually a solo feast... I could certainly go this right now!

    Yummy! :)



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