Sunday, 1 November 2009

Shari shoots film

Why do you shoot film, Shari?

i shoot film because it is the opposite of instant gratification. i can shoot more freely and be more in the moment when i'm taking photographs with my pentax k1000. there is no screen to check, no need to retake and retake in search of that perfect image, and so i find that i relax more when i'm shooting film. i like that there is no delete button, no way to erase the image once it's taken. in turn this makes me more thoughtful when choosing subject matter. i like to save film for special moments and even if the film doesn't turn out like i hoped, i tend to find that the film photograph often conjures up stronger memories of the moment captured.

film is my teacher.

You can see more of Shari's Pentax k1000 adventures here, and here are her polaroids.


  1. That makes so much sense--a way to restrain yourself and really *see* the subject.

  2. love this. thanks to you both.



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