Friday, 13 November 2009

November 13, 2005-2009

This fun idea is adopted from the lovely Sandra. I think I might do it as a monthly tradition.

2005: This is the caption I wrote for the photo on Flickr: My sister Mari was visitng from Oslo, and that's a good reason to have a proper meal!

2006: I think I was walking from the bus stop to my nieces' house to babysit them. Here it is on Flickr.

2007: In 2007 I didn't take any photos on November 13, so this breakfast photo was taken on November 14. Read the caption on Flickr.

2008: This is the caption I wrote for the photo on Flickr :
I walked a different way home from the office today, and I took 91 photos along the route. I pass this house every day on my regular route to the office, which I told you about here. It's the same building as this.

2009: I did a little outlet store shopping yesterday; two black dresses and two black belts. Here is one of the outfits: a cotton dress from Day and a belt from Bitte Kai Rand. You girls who live in Bergen should stop by Emil's new outlet store in Strandgaten and see if you can find some treasures like I did. PS: headless a la 10 cent.

By the way, November 13 is my sister in law's birthday. Happy birthday S :-)


  1. Oi, Kjempefin kjole og belte, Astrid, takk for tipset!



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