Wednesday, 11 November 2009

à la Rick

The thing about Flickr, blogs and other types of so-called social networking sites is that you might get to know people, really nice people that you eventually end up meeting in "real life" too. The first Flickr people I met in real life were Rick and Scott from California. During their travels in Scandinavia in 2006 they stopped by Bergen and I showed them around.

The photos above are taken by Rick while they were here. You can see the rest of his Scandinavia photos in this set on Flickr.

As you can see, Rick is a great photographer. I love his magazine style reportage photography. Rick has rather recently started a blog called à la mode where he shares his passion for food, travel and design - and of course photography.

You should check it out, it's truly inspiring! I especially like the post about Ace hotel in Portland (I want to go to Portland just to stay at that amazing hotel!), camping in Yosemite National Park and these yummy looking sandwiches.

Speaking of beautiful food blogs with mouthwatering photography - Matt Bites is another favorite, so is Orangette. Bon appétit!


  1. Aaah nice :)
    I have a Hansa glass like that here, I got it from a thriftstore. Beer tastes excellent in it! :)

  2. i agree, flickr has allowed me to meet some very special people, both locally and around the world. astrid, you were the most gracious and fun host and ambassador of bergen! scott and i had a very memorable time hanging out that day. thank you again. i miss beautiful bergen!

  3. Åh, himmel og hav! Så mye god mat... !



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