Friday, 13 November 2009

bam a lam

This song always gets me going!

And here are some bits and pieces I'm liking
- Jen's pop up shop
- Dos Visits at Dos Family (via Sandra)
- origami decorations at a baby's naming day party
- Flickr goodness
- Jen's Little Italy book
- Brian's wellfeet book
- Jen's we never really knew what times it was book
- this poster by Christopher David Ryan
- this messy french bun
- Juno

Happy weekend peeps!


  1. her var det mye bra på en gang! juno er så fin.. digger duetten deres! god helg :)

  2. :)

    (also, i have that poster of CDR's framed and i absolutely love it. it always brings a smile to my face)

  3. Thanks for the song. It always cracks me up. My husband and I always sing it and make up new words (except for the bamalam part).



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