Friday, 27 November 2009

animal art

I'm not really much of an animal person. We never had pets when I grew up, except an aquarium, but the fish died. I'm scared of cats (they are mean and unpredictable), but I can easily admit that kittens are over the top adorable. So are puppies. Speaking of dogs; my friend J has a dog called Hama (a shiba) that I'm in love with. She's the kindest, cutest dog on the planet! Maybe she is spellbinding me into becoming an animal person...

I know one thing I love about animals though; photographs of them. Steve Bloom's outdoor exhibition Spirit of the Wild is an excellent example of breathtaking animal photography. So are these photos above by LA based Sharon Montrose (via unruly things). I simply love them!

You can get Sharon's animal prints in her Animal Print Shop and her Etsy shop (there is a holiday sale right now). Check out her blog too.

By the way, Sharon's home was featured on Apartment Therapy a while back.


  1. Så utrolig herlig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hilsen Liv ;O)

  2. Cutest puppy ever! Going to find out how to get a print of my own.

  3. Dådyret er så søtt!
    Og gåsen er morsom :)
    Ser ut som en gammel stiv mann som tasser avgårde.



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