Wednesday, 4 November 2009

the 29 things

I turned 30 one week ago, and it's time for an official report on my 29 things to do before I turn 30 list.

1 explore the many cook books in my shelves and actually try recipes from them
Hmmm, can't really say I have done this... Right now I don't remember anything that I made from my cookbooks the last 8 months. Don't worry; I have eaten lots of yummy food though!

2 start swimming again
Yes! Two times already! Ha!

3 write more cards and letters – because receiving things in the mailbox is so awesome
After I got my hei! cards from Port 2 Port Press I wrote some letters, but then it kind of stopped. I will start again some day.

4 continue walking to the office every day
Yes! It's such a nice part of my everyday life. I feel very luck that I can actually walk to my office and don't have to drive.

5 make a photo album (like I always did before) of the film prints in the shoe box
No. I don't know why I haven't done it, but I know that I have fallen in love with making Blurb books and I still shoot film.

6 make more Blurb books

7 finish at least three novels
Over the last 8 months I have more or less only read books while flying. I have finished more than three novels, but it seems like none of them have made an impression on me because I don't remember any titles... But I can tell you the name of the book I'm reading now; The New York Triology by Paul Auster. I like it.

8 cut down on magazine subscriptions
Yes, and it feels good. Last year I subscribed to heaps of magazines and I always had a rather big stack of unread magazines waiting to be read. It kind of stressed me and it made me not love magazines so much anymore. Being abstemious is the key word.

9 spend less time in front of the computer
Well... sometimes I do, sometimes I don't...

10 mow the lawn regularly in season
Nope. We didn't actually manage to do this. Not this season either ;-)

11 shoot more film

12 learn to make cupcakes with a really yummy frosting

13 be a good freelancer
The financial crisis made it hard to be a freelancer the last months, but I have tried to keep my head above water in a good way.

14 visit my grandparents
No, not yet :-(

15 learn to make crème brûleé and start using that crème brûleé set we got for Christmas 2007
No, but I will make it one day.

16 go on a honeymoon

17 hike and ski a lot
We did hike and ski quite a bit, but we can always do more - because being outdoors is really, really great!

18 spend the Easter holiday at the mountain cabin in Ausdalen

19 don’t buy clothes that I end up not using
I think I have managed to do this. But I might change my mind in some months ;-)

20 send out the wedding thank you cards
It took a while, but we finally did it just before our honeymoon.

21 clear out old magazines
I have started, but it might take a while. I have collected A LOT of magazines the last 10 years. Seems like I'm no longer such a magazine addict.

22 call my girlfriends more often
Well, I can be better...

23 hike Vidden at least once
It's a shame, but no.

24 sleep under the stars (in the garden)

25 treat myself to more pedicures
Didn't do it and I don't know why.

26 get new comfy chairs for the garden and sit there in the sun with wine

27 have fun with (Flickr) friends
YES :-)

28 spend a night by a campfire with friends

29 keep loving Sølve so much it hurts
Yes, of course!!

Did anyone else make a list like this?

By the way, I have updated my I like set on Flickr. It is a random collection of photos I have taken that I for one reason or another really like.

In the photo above (taken by my sister Mari) I'm posing with my very first camera. I think I got it when I was ca 10 years old. I plan to shoot a roll with it soon, just for fun.


  1. I love your list! I keep mine on my computer, I am not sure if I want to post it (some things are private). But now I read yours and love it, so I might do it as well.
    I recognize the plans and still not getting to them, even if you take a whol year. It flies by, doesn't it? Anyway: happy 30th (again)! :-)

  2. Just a month ago, I made a 34 before 35 list. My birthday is in January, so I don't have a lot of time, but it's good. It lends a sense of urgency, and I've been making a lot of progress. It's fun motivation.

  3. astrid, your list is loveable. the answers are oh so honest and human - I like that even more.

    for me it is too late to make the 29 list (unless I get everything done within a few days;) - all the more I will write down 30 points for the 31.!
    thanks for your inspiration - it is always a joy to read your blog and check your flickr account!

  4. I think the things you did do are so awesome. I need to hike and ski more!

  5. Belated Happy Birthday! I love making lists like this, even if I don't strike everything off... the exercise is sometimes as much fun as the execution!

  6. Så moro å lage liste, for så å gi oss en update. Tror dette er noe jeg må gjøre. Jeg blir jo 30 om 3 år..Og tida går fort:)

  7. I love your list, especially #4. I have started a list... but 42 things is taking a while to compile! =)

  8. Happy belated birthday! I like your list and your blog!

  9. 30. Keep being awesome. CHECK!



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