Monday, 5 October 2009

Xavier shoots film

Why do you shoot film, Xavier?

When I was thirteen years old my father introduced me to photography and he gave me an Olympus OM-10. I used to follow him everywhere and tried to learn from him. At that time I didn't realized that photography was a true passion for me, I was just really enjoying it.

Then, during a lot of years I used digital cameras mostly because it was easy to use and I guess because it was the "normal" evolution for me.

It's been only one year now that I use film again. Because I wanted to be in a more creative and "intellectual" approach in my photography, I felt the need to go back to film.

The film medium allows me to put more emotions in the image I take and it gives me time, valuable time, to take a mental distance to the subject I shoot.

Also as designer passionate by craftsmanship, the film photography and craftsmanship goes in this same direction: Taking time, craft what you have in your mind and then make it physical.

You can see more of Xavier's photos here and on Flickr.


  1. I love Xavier Encinas' work.
    I thought about talking about what he does on my blog.
    nice to see him here !

  2. Film makes it a little bit more special ♥. I salute you.



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