Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Vinho Verde, Portugal

You might remember this little post I wrote almost three weeks ago. I promised to show you more photos, so here we go.

Vinho Verde is located in the north-western part of Portugal. The region is bordered by the Minho River in the north (at the border to Galicia, Spain), the mountainous areas in the east and south, and the Atlantic ocean in the west. This gives a climate that is hot and dry during summer, wet and cold during winter. The grapes then are generally low in sugar and high in acidity, which make the white Vinho Verde wines very light and fresh, with fruity and floral aromas that depend on the grape variety. White Vinho Verde wines are an excellent choice with for example seafood and white meat, or just as an aperitif. Vinho Verde produces red, rosé and sparkling wines too, but they are rarely exported.

If you are interested in more information about Vinho Verde, visit the website of the Vinho Verde commission; vinhoverde.pt. If you plan to visit Portugal and want to do a bit of wine tasting in the Vinho Verde region (I'd love to do it again!), visit rota.vinhoverde.pt to plan your trip.

Norwegian readers: You can get several Vinho Verde whites at Vinmonopolet, including wines from some of the vineyards I visited; Quinta de Soalheiro, Quinta de Touquinheiras, Casa de Sezim and Quinta da Aveleda. Why not try a Vinho Verde white the next time you're having shrimp sandwiches or paella (pictured above)?

I have (of course) uploaded a lot more photos from this trip to my Flickr, in the Vinho Verde, Portugal set. The captions say at which vineyards the photos were taken. Enjoy!


  1. this summer, me and my wife spend a week in Lisbon. portugal it's such a friendly country and his latinity felt so close to me (i'm from romania, you know... :) ). now I feel sorry for myself for not trying their wines...

  2. Oh I love those red vine leaves... so vibrant!! :)

    Looks amazing... the whole thing!! x




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