Sunday, 4 October 2009

Ugly Children's Clothing

While I'm on the topic of kids' stuff; I love kids' clothing with humor and edge. These are from Norwegian Ugly Children's Clothing.

Here is a little background (from Ugly's website):

It started with three men* and a baby. A really small boy. And with him came the need for very small clothing. Even though approximately one half of the babies in the world are boys, it seems all the baby clothes are made for girls by girls.

This is why Ugly™ Children’s Clothing was born some months after little Jesper. The first Ugly™ collection was launched autumn 2006. Then along came another baby boy. And with little Pelle came the need for even more very small clothing. So now, we proudly present our second collection.

The second Ugly™ Collection is a range of baby bodies for boys and girls with balls. Elegantly wrapped in our exclusive Ugly™ Body Bags™.

* André Jåtog, Aleksander Herresthal & Eivind Stoud Platou


  1. Elsker de øverste variantene! Artig design... Og sååå norsk.

  2. love those!!! Wish they sold them in the states!

  3. Artig - og langt fra ugly clothes!:) Ha en super søndag i grisværet. Hilsen fra Heidi

  4. åja,jeg er eldig glad i marius-varianten. Det skal absolutt kommende odelsgutt få seg:-)

  5. i know what my next knitting project will be...



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