Thursday, 8 October 2009

new Blurb book: travel photos

You might know by now that I am pretty fond of the self publish service Blurb. So far I have made 12 books. Only four are public, the rest are private. These books are a wonderful way to showcase your photographs and they made such great gifts.

Blurb has a photo book contest going these days; Best Blurb Book 2009. The categories are family, travel and pets. I've been thinking of making a book of photos from my traveling set on Flickr, so while we were in Oslo last weekend/the beginning of this week, I made the book and entered it in the contest. (Voting starts October 23.)

My new book is called to go from one place to another and is filled with 40 pages of travel photographs. It is square format, softcover. Click here to preview the whole book.

The photos above were taken in the beginning of July on my way from Bergen to Sandnes to celebrate my friend's 30th birthday and to enjoy the beach. Film: Kodak elite chrome extra color 100


  1. wow! Those are really beautiful photos. They capture such a dreamy mood for me, and I've had travel on my mind for some days now.

  2. Helt utrolig flotte bilder! Får så god stemning av å se dem.

    :: Karin ::

  3. thanks so much for the blurb tip. i'd love to give it a try.
    these three photos you've posted are lovely.
    they most certainly hava a transitory feel to them.



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