Tuesday, 27 October 2009

everyday stories galore

You already know that I like everyday life and I like making Blurb books. You might also remember that I made a Blurb book of my 2008 photo a day project. I love having a book made of this project, so I decided to do the same with everyday life photos taken this year. Seeing the photos in a book instead of just on the computer screen is a totally different thing.

Because of Blurb's excellent new feature, you can now preview all the 268 pages of my everyday stories - a photographic memory of my 2008 book here. Enjoy!

I have made two 2009 books so far, and I'm working on the third one for September til December. They are all 200 pages standard landscape format, hardcover imagewrap. I won't make the books public, so you can't see the full book preview in my Blurb book store. But I have taken some photos of the books that you can see in these sets on Flickr:

Blurb book: 2009 - from january til june
Blurb book: summer 2009

Tell me, what do you do with your (everyday life) photos?

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