Saturday, 17 October 2009

Deborah shoots film

Why do you shoot film, Deborah?

shooting film is like a first love. you remember the giddiness of loading a camera with a roll of film for the first time and if you were lucky enough having to manually wind every shot there is anticipation of develop the film in a darkroom, while fumbling under the red light and crossing your fingers, hoping that the roll of film liked you back.

i don't see myself as a technical photographer. in fact my eyes just glaze over when i see too much of the technical stuff - it takes away what i see as the romance of photography. i prefer to focus more the natural light, going with an instinct and paying attention to the composition of a shot. i find that shooting with film helps me to frame a shot, whether it is 35mm or polaroid.

shooting with film is all about taking it slow. not rushing your shot. not always over thinking it either. happy with the accidents and joyous when the light is just right.

You can see more of Deborah's photos in her film sets on Flickr - here and here.


  1. the first time i developed film was in junior high school. and still i remember the feeling. the feeling that i, at that moment was doing something somehow so magical. it was great.

  2. such wonderful observations on film....
    i'm with deborah, too much technical stuff and my eyes glaze over!

  3. well said, deb! and such a beautiful image.

  4. Thanks for doing this feature Astrid - I agree on a personal level with so much of what all the photographers have said, especially what Deborah has said here about the techinical aspects getting in the way of my enjoyment of photography Film is definitely outstripped by the use of digital mediums in this day and age, but I believe that there will always be a place for it.




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