Friday, 9 October 2009

Claire shoots film

Why do you shoot film, Claire?

i am, and always have been, an analogue girl at heart. i still buy records and play them on my turntable. i work my hands into a mess of cramps writing pages of letters to distant corners of the world. i think what i love most about film is the pace- the careful deliberateness and thoughtfulness that it encourages. it suits my natural rhythm; it allows me to pause, reflect and process. to wait for that perfect moment, or that perfect light. to take a deep breath, focus, adjust, check, and... click. then you wind it along, and you're ready for the next. you just can't beat that.

You can see Claire's film photos over here.


  1. thanks for asking me, astrid! i'm just loving this series.

  2. i love what claire's reasons for shooting film.
    it just feels better. :)

  3. i love claire's photos. she's so so talented!



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