Friday, 11 September 2009

words about film

During this week I have uploaded slide film photos from the Canadians' visit to my Flickr. Here are some of my favorites from the roll. The photos are taken with Kodak Elite Chrome 100. I love the rich blue and green tones in provides. See the rest of the photos here.

I guess all this talk about film might be a bit on the nerdy side for some of you, but if you like film nerding you should definitely visit my friend Mathias' blog, Holgarific. He's my personal film dealer and has a whole lot of knowledge about film and fun analog cameras. He's on Flickr too. I like his photos.

Edit Saturday 12th of September: This post originally included Mathias answer to the question Why do you shoot film? I have decided to make a little series where I ask several people this question, so I'm making a new post with Mathias' answer - here.


  1. beautiful. especially the back shot of the girl.

  2. I just used film for a trip I took because I wanted to bring my "nicer" camera, a Nikon that I hadn't used in years. And I loved it! It felt like a consolation when I packed it (my small digital is crap), but I was shocked when I found that I loved the surprise and mystery of it. Used to digital, I thought it would be a drag to not get that instant gratification, but there's a certain glee in "I wonder how this will turn out!" It was so fun.

    The only downside is cost - do you scan your own?



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