Saturday, 12 September 2009

why do I shoot film?

I shoot film because I like the feeling the photos get from using different kinds of film. It's different than digital. I also like that each photo I take with film is (often) more special than the ones I take with my digital cameras. I don't want to waste film, so I just don't snap away when shooting film. I take my time to get the photo right. And of course there's the excitement of getting film back from the lab, seeing how the photos turned out. Sometimes it's not the result I wanted, and sometimes it's better than I hoped for.

My Øyeblikk book is filled with these kind of slow moments when I saw something worth capturing on film.

I have decided to do a little series in this space where I ask several people this simple question; why do you shoot film? Their answers will be accompanied with a photo (shot with film of course) of their own choice. My friend Mathias' answer from yesterday kind of started the series before I knew it would be a series, so I'll posted it again - this time with one of his photos. The new post is here.

The photos above where taken at my friend's 30th birthday in the beginning of July. I already showed you the digital shots from the wonderful garden party; blog post here and Flickr set here.

Film: Kodak elite chrome extra color 100

You can see all my film shots in this set on Flickr.


  1. I love film too! Always nice to hear others' perspectives on why they prefer film.

  2. I totally agree, I have recently gone back to shooting film and I'm totally addicted. It's the serendipity that makes it so attractive, and as you said, the way you have to really think about the picture before you take it. It's a whole new learning curve for me but I love it!
    And your photos of your garden party are wonderful!



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