Monday, 28 September 2009

Frankie: the photo album

While we were in Barcelona in July I got an email from Australian Frankie magazine. They said they were going to make a photo book and they wondered if I would like to contribute with this photo. Of course I accepted.

The first ever Frankie magazine photo book is now published and they say it looks great. It will be sent to the contributors during October. I can't wait to see the result!

This is what Frankie says about the book:

Oooh look! We’ve made our very first frankie photo album. Designed to inspire anyone who’s ever picked up a camera and delight those who just like looking at pretty pictures, the photo album features the work (and thoughts) of more than 100 amateur and professional photographers from around the world. You can pre order yours now from our shop. Hurry if you don’t want to miss out, ‘cause they’re limited edition and will sell fast.


  1. congratulations - that's fantastic! will take a look at their site pronto...

  2. yay! i just posted about it too. can't wait to all photographs myself!

  3. Gratulerer med bilde i fotobok! FOR en inspirasjon det må være. Jeg er også glad i ta bilder, men har altfor lite selvtillit til å vise dem frem! Er det ikke typisk! Heia Astrid!

  4. astrid! how wonderful - congratulations to you. that photo of yours is one of my favorites. i think i might have to order a copy for myself.

  5. Vad kul att du hittade till SIB, jag har lagt in dig som medlem nu.Välkommen i gänget :-)
    Kram Lisa

  6. Gratulerer!
    Bildet er kjempefint. Herlig random sammensetting. Hva har egg med muffins aa gjore egentlig? Det passer paa en maate ikke sammen, og det er nettopp det som gjor at bildet blir saa bra :)

  7. I have one of mine in the book too.
    So exciting...congrats Astrid!

  8. just bought my copy, astrid! So excited to see you in print! xo

  9. Yay! It came! It's awesome to be in a book with you and Amanda:)



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