Monday, 7 September 2009

Cassis, the end

These summer moments already feel far away. September is officially the first month of autumn and The Autumn Rain hit Bergen big time today. This weekend we hiked from cabin to cabin at Hardangervidda with my parents (I'll probably show you some photos later); autumn colors were everywhere and I wore hat and gloves for the first time.

My freelance journalist colleague Cathrine commented on this post; "it never ends :-)". Unfortunately, all vacations come to an end, but my vacation photos have not yet come to an end. I'm glad I still have some summer rays to share with you while I try to make my body and mind ready for autumn. I have both digital and film photos to share from Nice in France, Malmön in Sweden and Hvaler in Norway. By the way, I'm thinking of making a Blurb book of a collection of my film shots from Provence. What do you think, should I do it?

In other news; tomorrow I'm picking up two slide films at the lab; one with photos from before the vacation, and one mostly with photos from the Canadians' visit. And I just finished a slide film that I shot using my Dad's old Minolta. Gotta love film, right?

The photo above is the last one from Cassis. It was taken at our regular coffee spot, Monsieur Brun. We stopped by here every morning - at the crack of noon (expression adopted from the already mentioned Canadians) - after a quick and simple breakfast in our hotel room.

Find my blog post about Cassis here and see all the photos from Cassis in this set on Flickr.

Film: Kodak Ektachrome 100gx


  1. sorry your summer is ending! but think of the fabulous fall clothes you can buy! :) Looking forward to more of your photos

  2. Love that deep pinky, red! (Or maybe it's my kooky monitor!) I've really loved sharing your trip! Your photos are lovely and personal and evocative. Merci! xx



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