Wednesday, 19 August 2009

xpro home

While I wait for the three vacation slide films to be developed (it takes forever because there are no labs in Bergen that develope slide film), so I can start showing you film photos from Crillon le Brave, I have a few cross processed images from our home to show you.

I have told you a little bit about cross processing before, find the blog post here. See more photos from our home in this set on Flickr.


  1. That Agfa Precisa just cross-processes nicely in all situation, eh? Really nice, your home cross processed.

  2. love cross-processing and those photos. your post made me realise how spoilt i am - i am lucky enough to have a lab nearby that processes my films (no matter if cross or regular) within just a few hours. i'll be very grateful from now on, i promise.

    hope you don't have to wait that much longer for your pictures then!

  3. now i DEFINITELY need to shoot some slide film and get it cross-processed. so nice!



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