Monday, 3 August 2009

Provence paradise came true

Remember this post from back in April? Well, since this was our (belated) honeymoon we decided to splash out; after the 3 nights in Barcelona we stayed 3 nights at the truly amazing Crillon le Brave, ca 40 km northeast of Avignon in Provence, France.

Crillon le Brave is a small hill village. Like most of the houses surrounding the church in the old part of the village, the houses which form the core of the hotel have their origins in the 16th and 17th centuries. The large house which houses the sitting rooms, bar and restaurant was originally the “presbytère” - the priest’s home as well as the local school. Elderly neighbours still recall their parents’ tales of going to school in the building that now welcomes guests from around the world. (Text copied from Crillon le Brave's website.)

I loved everything about Crillon le Brave; the beautiful rustic yet elegant decor, the views, the service, the pool, the food and wine. The whole atmosphere was just so wonderful. It was the perfect place for a honeymoon, and I'm sure it will be perfect for other vacations as well. We both fell totally in love with this place and the surrounding area, so we will for sure go back one day.

See more photos from Crillon le Brave here. I will of course let you know when the set is updated with my film shots. (I shot at least one roll here.)


  1. This place looks really beautiful! Sounds like you had a fantastic trip - lovely photos and that is a serious bunch of roses! Lucky you!

  2. So you went there !!! Lucky you ;o) I discovered the place a few years ago ... I'll go one day !

  3. Oh my god! Ser ut som du har hatt det superfint!!!!



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