Tuesday, 18 August 2009

new photowall

As you might know, this Canadian interior designer just visited us. She's a woman of strong opinions and she doesn't hold back. She will tell you - even demand you - to get rid of all your books (are you EVER going to read them again?!), magazines, dvd's, cd's and dull throw pillows. She might want to adopt your golden gnome, make built-in book shelves and bring you a fabulous silver throw pillow - "it's like a pair of silver shoes for your sofa!"

Her taste in decor is impeccable and I don't mind a pro's opinion. I'm happy to hear she likes our home. She took a few nice photos too.

One of Lori's suggestions was to hang all the photos on one wall, around the tv to camouflage it. So, that's what I did. Here you can take a closer look at the photos on the wall.

PS: Check out Lori's blog post: Norway in a 10 cent nutshell


  1. damn i see i need to invite her over too ;) she was right about the pictures! It looks great on one wall.

  2. that is a great idea - love the camouflage;)!
    we could need her opinion too ;D

  3. Looks awesome! She had several strong opinions about our house too. But she is usually right. :)



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