Thursday, 6 August 2009

IKEA catalogue launch

Today is a big day. The new IKEA catalogue was launched. I must admit I've been a huge IKEA fan for many years. I even kept all the catalogues since 1998, and I considered writing my master thesis about people's relationship to IKEA.

I was invited to IKEA in Åsane just outside Bergen today to see it all happen. There was a buekorps at the entrance (drum roll!), a red carpet made of all kinds of IKEA rugs, Swedish inspired tapas, and a Norwegian actress talked about her relationship to IKEA (she loves it).

The theme for the 2010 catalogue is NEW LIFE. There will be focus on the environment and social responsibility, and there will be a so called "endless list". Some of the trends you will see in the new catalogue are simple shapes and neutral colors like grey, beige and black, big furniture makes a neutral base, bold colors are less flashy, but still they play an important supporting role. You will see contrasts between light and dark woods, and lots of organic patterns. We're going back to basics by bringing nature into the home, and reuse is good. Nature will also be contrasted by industrial influenced elements, like the new grey high gloss kitchen door fronts, which will look great together with granite or concrete tiles.

Those of us at the launch got a special LARGE edition of the new catalogue + a solar powered lamp, which is very neat. So, I now have a little bit of new life in my apartment, and my interior designer visitor and her husband have given more new life in shape of a fabulous silver pillow. Yay!

Now I'm off to do a bit of sightseeing with my Canadian visitors and when we get home I'll enjoy the new catalogue.


  1. lucky you! i look forward to the new ikea catalog too!

  2. Ohh how awesome! I too love IKEA, (Kurt is relieved that we live an hour from their store though) How awesome you have a big catalog! I'm looking forward to mine in the post now.

  3. ahhh! Ikea. I love it.I live in a place where there is NO ikea; only a hour away on a plane.

    I have ikea envy while reading your post.


  4. nice lamp! i saw it at our local IKEA store... it's little bit expensive for my taste, but looks ok. i wonder if it lights good enough...

  5. Hei Astrid! Kjekt i går :)
    Håper vi kan sees igjen....
    Klem Siw

  6. Well I have something to tell you! This weekend, for the very first time, I got my paws on an IKEA catalogue.In South Africa (and in fact nowhere in Africa) there is no IKEA. So I have always heard about it but never experienced it for myself. Well now I'm in the US, we have just bought a house and are planning things to put into. The catalogue arrived on Friday and by Sunday I had pored through it and marked the pages I'm interested in and off we went to have a look at the store. It was such fun :)



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