Monday, 31 August 2009

Cassis on film

Now, let me introduce to you; Cassis on film. We spent one week in July in this lovely little seaside village in the south of France. I took about two rolls of film there, so I have a little something to show you. Find my blog post about Cassis here and here is the Cassis set of photos on my Flickr.

Film: Kodak Portra 160NC


  1. So surprised to "see you" around, I live just near Cassis and i've been following you since the very beginning of your blog..
    Anyway, hope you liked our dear South and its Stuffy and Sunny weather.
    Keep going on!

  2. Takk for hilsen, Astrid :O) Kjempefine bilder!

  3. my island is very similar to this.
    It has beautiful beaches and coves.
    (also reminds me of Tuscany by the towns. Almost the same aesthetic)
    If one day you travel ...
    Later this year, we have in mind, go and live in a bigger house. This home has a huge terrace and beautiful but I haven´t a guest room.
    As soon as I have, I want you to know that Solve and you, are welcome.



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