Sunday, 2 August 2009


I have finally sorted through all the digital shots from our vacation, which means I'm finally ready to show you what we have been up to.

After the night in Stockholm, we flew to Barcelona, Spain. We stayed at yet an amazing hotel, Grand Hotel Central - recommended! Barcelona was filled with high temperatures, a roof top infinity pool, cava, paella, tapas and Gaudí's mighty impressive Sagrada Família. We both loved the city and agreed to go back another time during spring or autumn. Sightseeing in a big city in 30°C is a bit too much for us.

See more Barcelona photos here. I'll let you know when the set is updated with my film shots.


  1. great pictures! i love barcelona, and paella too! :)

  2. Så bra med litt anbefalinger! Jeg har lenge lurt på om Barcelona skulle være neste på reiselista..Nå kom den et par hakk opp, kjempebra:) Ser ut som du har hatt det supert:)

  3. I'm headed to Barcelona on Sunday. It will be my first time in Spain, so I'm sooo excited! Dreading the heat a little, but still very happy!

  4. jeg også liker Barcelona, selv om jeg flyttet ut av byen PÅ LANDET med 2 barn for 6 år siden - tror kanksje jeg skal benytte meg av hotell anbefalingen - for det var utsikt!!! Kan leke guide, men kan ikke når det gjelder hoteller nei og det så bra ut!!!



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