Saturday, 13 June 2009

my style

I found a fun style test via the lovely Briggs lekehus. Here is my result. Take the test here.

More from my home on Flickr.

In other news, I just realized that hei Astrid turned 2 years old on Thursday. I wrote my first post on June 11, 2007 after encouraging comments from my Flickr friends who said I should start a blog. (At that time I had already been on Flickr for 2 years.) So I did, and here I am. I have fumbled a bit, because I didn't really know what I wanted with this blog. In many ways I already used Flickr as a blog. But now I feel that I have found my voice, and thanks to all of you visitors, I feel like I'm talking to someone. I have mentioned before that I sometimes consider deleting my accounts. But again, you guys make it worth keeping on.

Thank you so much for stopping by and making this a fun place to be.

One really good and inspiring thing: Design for Mankind Dialogue. I know many of you already know Dialogue, but for those of you how don't know it - go check it out, it's so good. These are my favorite episodes so far: Episode 1: How Do You Balance It All? and episode 4: Self-Discipline - Eek!


  1. that style quiz is so fun! my whole family is doing it now.

  2. yay ! i also came out as funky modern :)

    congratulations of two years of blogging Astrid.

    your blogs is on my bookmarked list :)

  3. Ja,den testen er kjekk. et år siden jeg tok den..kanskje jeg skal se om jeg har forandret interiørstil iflg testen. Liker forresten hjemmet ditt veldig godt og misunner deg det store spisebordet.

  4. Happy 2 year birthday! I love your blog!

    Jo (New Zealand)



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