Friday, 19 June 2009

GC Bergen: the tannery

My second article for GC Bergen is about a local tannery, ca 40 minutes drive from the city centre of Bergen.

Borge Garveri exports 98 % of their production, and 60-70 % of this is made into beautiful women's bags and purses for brands like Gucci, Alviero Martini, Calvin Klein, J. Crew, Coach and Tusting. Leather from Borge is also made into shoes for brands like Prada, Footjoy, De Niro Boot Co, Duckfeet and George Esquivel.

The contrast between these luxury high fashion brands and this down to earth local industry situated in a lovely landscape by a fjord on the west coast of Norway is quite striking.

See the photos from my visit to Borge Garveri here.

My first article for GC Bergen: the designers


  1. Hei Astrid, jeg liker bloggen din kjempegodt :) Men når jeg så denne posten kvapp jeg! Det er pappaen min jo! :)

  2. Finnes det forresten noe sted å lese artikkelen? er nede.

  3. Så hyggelig å høre, Kristina :-) Morsomt sammentreff at du fant pappan din her! Han var en hyggelig kar å intervjue. Legg igjen mailadressen din, så skal jeg sende deg artikkelen.



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