Saturday, 23 May 2009


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Hei there you fellow photo nerds. I have a question for you; how do you back up your photos? I have all my digital photos and scans of recent films on my pc + on an external harddrive, and now also on Flickr. I uploaded thousands of photos to Flickr during this week. It's overwhelming, but it feels good to have a backup there as well. I hope my backup plan is as good as I hope it is. So, now what should I do with the old negatives that still are in boxes at my parents' place...?


  1. I definitely back up everything onto computer, as well as CD, and then flickr too. Just over the last few days I uploaded over 1000 photos to my flickr too. Then I changed all the upload dates so they're all in order on my stream because I'm so ridiculous like that. =)

  2. i have mine on the mac and on an external hard drive but want to burn them to disc as well (friends of ours were burgled and someone stole their external hard drive - they lost all their photos and it has made me extra careful!).

    as for those old negatives - maybe scan them? i'm slowly working my way through mine and filing them all in negative sleeves that fit in an a4 folder.

  3. i have no back up, to me digital is fugitive, if they are lost, i will take new photos. negatives are best placed in archival quality sleeves, and kept in a dust free environment.

  4. uh - backup? way too organised - i'm lucky if i manage to find my little camera discs in the places i've hidden them. although the flickr idea is a good idea.

  5. Sara. Haha! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one being a organizing freak ;-)

    Lottie - I used to burn my photos to discs too, but I found it too time consuming so now I'm using Flickr instead. Yeah, I might start a negative scanning process. But then I need a new scanner. Maybe I'll just pay the photolab to do it. Negative sleeves sounds like a good idea.

    P.K - I like your attitude towards digital photography, altough it would never work for me ;-)

    strikk - Yeah, Flickr is a good way to organize :-)

  6. :) I see two awesome ladies up there.

    I have automatic backups to two external drives and discs. I learned the hard way :(



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