Wednesday, 15 April 2009

cabin life

The newspaper headline asks: what kind of cabin life tempts you the most?

This is the kind of cabin life I love:

Sølve's family's mountain cabin is about 1,5 hours drive from our hometown Sandnes. In winter it takes us about one hour to get there, skiing. There are only four other cabins in the same area, more cabins are about 30 minutes skiing away. There is no water or electricity. In summer we get water from the river close by, and in winter we melt snow. Evenings are candle lit. We have to go outside to the "toilet house" to... These four photos are from the main living area. There's a small living area upstairs with an (uncomfortable) sofa, but we seem to always end up here. The cabin is only 30 square meters, and there are beds for 9 people. Sølve and his family built it. This was the place Sølve and I "officially" became a couple in May 1998. And this is the place I became as sick as I have never been before - with appendicitis.

I LOVE this place.

Many Norwegians own a cabin or another kind of holiday home, and many Norwegian like spending the Easter holiday at their cabin, skiing, eating oranges and Kvikk Lunsj. (Here is a little more about påske i Norge.) We are no exception. Sølve and I try to always spend the whole Easter at the cabin; from Friday before Palm Sunday until Easter Monday. Normally Sølve's parents are there with us the first days. When they leave our friends come join us. There's hardly any cell phone reception at the cabin, so we just turn of our phones and leave the rest of the world behind. Being away from civilization for more than a week feels so good. I even enjoy doing the dishes.

As I mentioned on Monday Easter was quite wet. It rained a lot and heaps of snow melted during the week. A little sad really, because sun and blue skies are always more fun. But it was kind of nice though seeing spring come to the mountains. The rain was of course a very good excuse to stay inside and play games, read and eat lots of yummy food. Sølve really is a master chef. Lucky me!

See the rest of the Easter photos here. Here are the photos from Easter last year, and here are the Easter 2007 photos.

So, what did you do this Easter? And what kind of cabin life tempts you the most?


  1. Love the idea of own a cabin, maybe one day...

  2. with the financial crisis dropping down the prices, i think i will spot a cabin somewhere in the mountains and buy it, somehow. i NEED some place for our week-end gateaways.

    by the way, i like your blog and pictures from flickr. you're on my blogroll by now... :)

  3. that is a fantastic cabin.

    we have been discussing the idea of a cabin for years. we live in a barn house in the woods, and we have a cabin on our property so we can enjoy it all the time .. but we still want a small place somewhere on the water. we keep looking for the right spot. looking is fun. :^)

    did you see the norwegian cabin in dwell that was built on the rocks? it also had few "amenities" and talked about how people building cabins now want those things, and it changes the experience.

    i think the lack of "amenities" (like an indoor bathroom) really changes the experience and makes it more like camping .. makes your time there really special.

  4. wow, i would really love to have a cabin just like that. just me and the ones that are there with me and nature. no one else.

    yes you are lucky :D

  5. this sounds like a dream! my favorite cabin i've stayed in so far was in a historic 1850s log cabin complete with reproduction rope bed, table, chairs etc. there was also a chicken house and a few other "out houses" being built. no electricity or running water. it's lovely to go back to the simple life. you begin to talk to people and you dance and sing and find people who play instruments. who needs the tv? here are a few pictures of the cabin (of course we were doing living history, so we're all dressed in mid-19th century apparel.)

  6. your cabin is beautiful. we rent a cabin by a lake, i listen to the waves all day, and walk along the beach, at night the lake lulls me to sleep.

  7. It looks so beautifully cozy!! I would love to have a little hideaway like this one day.

    and did I read it right that you can SKI there from where you live?? *dies of jealousy*

  8. cabin life is amazing and i'm jealous! my husband and i lived in the swedish forest in cabin for a summer to take break from our brooklyn life!

    such lovely photos!

  9. oh my gosh! that looks like heaven!

  10. Oh, must be so wonderful to have this kind of hide it!

  11. it sounds absolutely perfect. you lovely norwegians live so well astrid.



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